1  Will it be okay to consult with a supplier or shipper two weeks in advance if we are moving overseas for trade freight cargo or moving a shipment?

⇨  About six weeks to eight weeks before should be enough for moving overseas. Please be prepared to prepare in advance and plan ahead so you will have enough time. First of all, select a reputable and reliable logistics or shipping company that caters to foreign businesses and that you are treated with top priority for your shipment.

2. How long does it take to move my shipment overseas?

⇨  It really varies depending on the regions and the destination, but generally, shipments will take about six to eight weeks. You should prepare your moving date accordingly since the expected time of delivery will be about the duration mentioned before.

3.What is the duration of the full transportation service?

⇨  Shipping terms will matter depending on each country, and by region.

    Since most Asian countries are close to the Korean peninsula, we can expedite the shipment to depart and arrive within two weeks. However, continents like Africa and the European regions can take up to two months or a little longer depending on each shipment.

The most common route for shipment is into Los Angeles, which takes about one month, and New York, which takes about one and a half months. But this is based on the general area to the closest proximity from the ports, and each city and region can vary based on the distance. Please consult with a professional sales representative for the specific time frames.

4.Can we ship our goods even if we don’t have a set address yet at the destination? 

⇨  As long as we receive the destination address before the shipment arrives at the destined port and before it goes through Customs clearance, it will suffice. After Customs clearance, our agent will have to store your shipment at their storage center or warehouse if the address is not available for delivery. Depending on the country, there is the free-time period for storing your shipment for a few days up to a week.  Please contact us for more specific information regarding the storage fees if necessary.

5. We need to remove our household goods and personal effects immediately. Is it possible to store with you here? 

⇨Depending on the amount of load and the volume, we can store your shipment at our warehouse for free of charge and included with the quote for up to one to three months.

And in some cases, it is possible to store overseas free of charge, but please consult with us in advance.

6.What do we have to prepare for on the day of the packing date? 

⇨  Enjoy a nice breakfast in the morning and just have the rooms ready for our packers by having labels or by moving all the items that you are moving and not moving separately. And, if available, have a clean up trash bag for us so we can throw and dispose of any trash and debris afterwards. If you would like to know more in detail, please read our section 1 of the "preparation and duration time".

7. How do I make the payment for the cost to move?

⇨ You can make the payment after the completion of the packaging in full or depending on the size of the volume.  You may also pay the larger portion of the payment local and the remainder on the day of delivery or after Customs clearance at the destination. If you pay for the cost of the freight shipment at the destination, you will have to make the payment based on the local exchange rate relative to the local currencies as payment.

8. What documents are required for us to prepare in advance? 

⇨  Preparation of documents in Korea: You will need a copy of your passport (front page of the passport) and a copy of your working visa. We will provide you the PACKING LIST after the completion of packing and loading your shipment. We will delivery or send the Bill of lading (B/L) to the appointed agent directly for document processing. In the case of immigrating to Canada for example, you will have to declare the ITEM VALUE and the price for each item. After arriving at the local airport, you will have to fill out a B4E FORM for declaring your household goods. Be sure to have your original copy of the visa and the PACKING LIST prepared and ready at the Entry Immigration office.

9.Do you know more about the transformers and electric voltage possibly damaging electrical appliances?  

⇨  Since the voltage is different depending on the country, microwaves are subject to get damaged. In the case of a refrigerator, manufactured products before or on the year of the 2006 will not work since their voltage compatibility is 50 Hz. Please check with us the model, year, and model to see if the Hz voltage is compatible in your country to not. Some people will recommend you to just get an adapter to use electronic appliances, but for the sake of safety, we always recommend the use of a transformer.

10.Do you provide local or domestic service for any stuff that we do not ship Internationally? 

⇨  We would recommend using a local mover separately. We usually do not deal with domestic moves unless it is a 3 bedroom apartment or bigger move, and we use a different process for International moves and packing from a local move. We also like to suggest for efficiency, not moving domestic stuff and International shipments in one day as this can cause confusions amongst packers and local movers. 

11.Do you deal with returning shipments from abroad back to Korea? 

⇨  Yes, we can return shipments for anyone like International students or immigrants who are returning to Korea. 

. If you are moving as an International student and you would like to return your shipments back to Korea, you can ship it back as long as the visa status is approved. For immigration purposes, when clearing your shipment through Customs, you can declare additional items upon returning to Korea.

12.When it comes to Canadian immigration, you will require the packing list at the Customs center and anything else that we need to know about in advance as an International student? 

⇨  In the case of an immigrant residing in Canada or if you are studying abroad, there are no taxes/duties for the movers. If you are staying for a longer period and extending your visa status and if your guardian has been approved for an extension, then you can bring additional household goods and personal effects without any duty fees. However, if you are only extending the visa status without a guardian, taxes/duties might apply for your shipment. 

13.How do you apply the rates for an International move?

⇨   For International shipping via vessel, the weight of maritime transport will not be considered. For vessel shipments, the rate is applied depending on the cubic meter (CBM) volume, which is about the size of a washing machine dimensions: 1CBM (1 m × 1 m × 1 m vertical height). The base or minimum volume usually is set for 3 CBM and added at a prorated price for every additional 1 cubic meter if your exceed the minimum or base volume of 3 cubic meters.

14.What is included in a cargo transportation service with the price or quote?

⇨   The price includes the following: Packaging at your home location, stuffing into a container, transportation to the port, port fees, vessel/boat fees, export Customs clearance costs, general import Customs clearance costs, includes delivery at destination shipping/transport costs, insurance coverage, and document processing. The only costs that are excluded are any local Customs taxes/duties and any inspection/examination costs if there are any for your shipment.

15. What is an outbound overseas shipment? 

⇨   If you have departure plans to move your local household goods to another country, we consider this process an outbound shipment. On the other hand, if you are returning to live in Korea and bringing your household goods into Korea, we call that an inbound shipment. If you are shipping outbound to another country, you will need to make sure that your visa status will not conflict with Customs clearance and that you can be exempt from taxes/duties for your shipment. Please note that in certain countries, you will incur taxes/duties even if you have a proper visa status (Mainly Asian countries like Vietnam, Republic of the Philippines, People's Republic of China, and etc.)

16. What is a returning from abroad shipment? 

⇨  We consider a returning from abroad shipment a process when someone has a shipment outside of Korea and it is approved for inbound and Customs clearance purposes. If you look at our “Movers” section, explanation # 98 or # 99, you can find out more information about eligibility for exemption of taxes/duties.  

17.What are my responsibilities as a shipper? 

⇨  Make sure that you have all the necessary documents prepared and in handy like the moving goods declaration and any other documents before and after delivery so there are potentially no delays and additional fees/costs.  

18.Can I ship my pet as part of my transportation service?

⇨  Pets cannot be sent as cargo shipments at the time of embarking. You can contact the airline in advance to check whether or not the pet can boarded or be transported and you will need to make reservations in advance. For pet transportations, regulations may vary country by country, so make sure to provide all the necessary documents for your pet, get all the national pet health screenings, immunizations, shots, and vaccinations if necessary.

19. Where can I find the moving pins is the washing machine drum?

⇨   Prior to shipping, appliance manufacturers install one or more moving pins at the base of front-load washing machines to ensure that the tub doesn’t bounce around during transit inside the vessel. The installation of these pins prevents damage to the internal parts, but they must be removed before using the washing machine. Locating and removing the moving pins isn't a difficult task because most manufacturers use tabs or colored washers to indicate the location of the moving pins for you. Please purchase the moving pin if you don’t have them available for your appliance manufacturer before the packing date.

20.  Can you issue a VAT tax invoice and receipt?

⇨  If you have a business registration certificate, please send us a copy of it to issue you the invoice and receipt. 

   For individuals, we usually will send the invoice with a VAT if requested before the packing day, and the receipt of your shipment after we receive the payment from the client.

21.How long does an on-site survey take to get an estimate?

⇨ . It takes approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour for a full in-person or on-site survey and getting an estimate. At times, if there are additional questions and further information given, it can take an additional 30 minutes for the completion of the survey.

22. What would happen if we cannot fit everything in one full container?

⇨  For countries like the United States and Canada, we have a lot of shipments departing from Korea. We can make the arrangement to share/consolidate a container, which is a very common process for shipments. We can even use one full container and the remaining volume in another shared container if necessary. Please consult with a sales representative for other countries in advance since less shipment will depart from Korea. 

23. Can I send shipments more than once? 

⇨ We provide shipments for one country and destination. If you ship more than once to the same location, you will incur tax/duty fees based on the shipment status.

24. Could you tell us a little more about the duration and how much cargo we can take to ship something overseas?

⇨  First of all, you need to check with your destination and your status in the country. If you are staying overseas for just 1 year, then you wouldn’t take everything that you have with you. If you are planning on staying overseas for an extended period of time, we see clients take the general necessities like clothes, books, a computer, shoes, dried foods, and household goods for their usual shipment.

25. Would you recommend items that might be cheaper to purchase here than abroad?

⇨ Of course it varies on each circumstance for each country. Generally, depending on the quality of the furniture, we recommend taking furniture pieces from Korea since it might be more purchasing it again there. In addition, any plastics and stainless steel products for consumer goods are expensive and it is better to take them with you.

26.Could you tell us how much people usually take with them for a full removal?

⇨ First of all, we would look it on the basis of the duration of the local housing and what kind of status you are obtaining at the new country you are planning on moving to. If you are planning on living there for several years or indefinitely, we would recommend taking everything that you find valuable to you. Usually clients will take ½ to a full container shipment depending on the size of the family or if it is an individual shipment. We would also look at the amount of years you have used some of your furniture or household goods. If you have had an item for 7 to 10 years, then maybe it would be better to purchase it again there instead of shipping the old items.  

27.We are worried about the difference in voltage and electrical appliances, should we leave them all behind or take them with us?  

⇨  If we are just looking at the voltage differences, you can easily purchase a voltage transformer without any issues. You can purchase a transformer here in Korea or at the destination. As long as the electronics and appliances are compatible at the destination, the transformer should suffice abroad. Please check with your manufacturer prior to making your final decision.

28. What are some excluded costs or third party fees?

⇨   Removing and installing the air conditioner, the use of a lift ladder, furniture assembling of elaborate pieces, heavy items like a Grand piano or a safe vault, carrying satellite antenna and installation, and any other costs that we are not directly in charge of and a third party is used for their services. We recommend using an experienced and professional third party service for any installations, assembling, and services that require additional labor. 

29. Do we have to file for insurance coverage even if our shipment is packed very well?  

⇨ We work with the best appointed agents in the business and the responsibility is taken throughout the whole process from the day of the pick up to delivery to your home destination. However, a carrier cannot fully guarantee that your shipment or some items will get there without any damages. So, we would recommend getting insurance for your shipment. We would also look into agents who are well qualified in the field of shipping your goods and the appointed agent who is responsible for making the delivery at the destination. 

30. How is my cargo transportation prepared in the container?

⇨  For smaller shipments, we will create a pallet or crate (a wooden box) if necessary, and for bigger volume shipments, we can fit it into a 20 ft. or a 40 ft container.

31.Can I pack my own stuff or do I need a professional to pack my stuff?

⇨  We would recommend that you let our professionals pack everything for you. However, if you would like to pack some stuff yourself, and our packer believes the boxes need to be repacked, then we can repack them for you. Please keep in mind that you cannot file for an insurance claim if you have packed everything yourself, since we are not responsible for the quality of packing your boxes. Please consult with a representative about insurance coverage and about packing your own boxes.

32. What articles or items should I carry into the airport and what should I ship inside the cargo?

⇨ First, make sure you know what you want to take inside the cargo and what you would like to carry into the plane when departing the country.

 You will need to carry a passport, air travel documents, medicines, personal items, and the rest can be sent by vessel inside your cargo or container with the exception of any items that are prohibited. For Airline baggage regulations and limitation, it depends on your airline. Usually, first class has a limitation of 40kg, economy class is 30kg and sometimes 20kg. Please check with your airline for more details about what you can and cannot carry in and the limitation on baggage.

33.Generally, how long does it take to pack all of my stuff on the day of the packing date?

⇨  For smaller volume shipments, it will take about a half day or less for the packing of your goods; for a 20 ' container, it takes about a day; a 40 ' container takes about one to two days.

34. Usually what time does a job end? 

⇨  It really depends on the size of the volume, so we cannot give you an exact time for a job to be completed.